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Sergej Tyryshkin

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La solitude.
La solitude. by Sergej Tyryshkin

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Sergej Tyryshkin is a 63 years old man

Sergej Tyryshkin

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As-salamu alaykum wa rahamt Ullahi wa barakaatuhu,I am an American lawyer working (on and off) over the last seven years in Saudi Arabia. I studied classical Arabic while a graduate student at Yale in the mid 1980s with the late and great Dr. Franz Rosenthal. I use colloquial Arabic every day, and my legal vocabulary is quite extensive, but frankly, I am a little self-conscious about reading aloud in Arabic because I have not recited classical Arabic since my days in Rosenthal's class.I have recently experienced a surge of renewed energy for expanding my vocabulary and reading the classical works. I have Bassam Frangieh's Anthology (which is great), as well as almost all of Ibn Qutayba's works, as well as Al-Jahiz, Ibn Jinni, Kitab ul-Aghani.What would you recommend I begin with? I don't want to be overwhelmed, as you can imagine.I appreciate your advice and candor.Wa as-salamu alaykum David
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