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Ayachine Aziz
02130 chlef


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aziz2 by Ayachine Aziz

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Ayachine Aziz is a 44 years old man

Ayachine Aziz

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Setting up a MobileMe alias is so painless and easy as poopse to setting up a whole new email account but yes however you do it removing your FaceTime email because of unwanted calls will require you to let your family and friends know the new one.I think where I am coming from is set up a MobileMe alias JUST for FaceTime and nothing else. Either way an approve / decline / block feature would solve all of this.As far as not signing in to the FaceTime Mac app I am of the opinion if my Macbook falls into the wrong hands FaceTime login details and iTunes account pretty low down on the list of things I would not want people to see. Bank logins and other passwords would be my concern. I wouldn't want anybody seeing my iPhoto library but I don't ever think about locking that up. My Skype app logs straight in also. The fact that it displays your secret questions is a bit much though, really no need for that! It's still BETA so plenty of time for them to resolve, and nothing like a couple of high profile engadget type websites articles on security flaws to push Apple into an update very quickly.On a side note as I say I have been FaceTiming like mad since yesterday to all my Mac owning friends in the UK and it is blow away, 1 particular friend who is a huge Apple hater and has never had a good word to say about them was gob smacked and still is!Anyway I'm off to FaceTime and see what he has to say about this security issue (Paul has made 318 comments)
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