Siegfried Zademack

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Siegfried Zademack

Siegfried Zademack

Zademack, born 1952 in Bremen, Germany.

At an early stage, he acauired all the means of expression that even a master in this field - like Dali,
for example - hardly possesses to a higher degree. The semantic sources of this art are equally past and present.
The quotation from art history stands alongside the Coca-Cola bottle. His true teachers were the masters of
the earl and late Italien Renaissance up to the Mannerists. The syntax of his work is completely determined by
that of the ciassical masters. What is astonishing is that, in adoptingit for his own pictorial inventions,
he employs such perfect techniquie - though this is indispensable, in view his objectives. [MORE...]

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Ikarus im Alter

Narzisstische Gottheit


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