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 ..., Miskia - montreal, Canada
 A.tremblay, Diane - Montreal, Canada
 Adornato, Marc (alias Adornato) - Canada
 Allard, Danielle - Canada
 Anonymus, Peter (alias Peter) - Canada
 Aubé, Louise - L'Épiphanie, QC, Canada
 Auger, Diane (alias OGER) - Canada
 Augustynowicz, Artur (alias Augart) - Toronto, Canada
 Aussant, Claude - Montréal, Canada
 Benevides Legault, Cristina (alias C Benevides Legault) - Montreal, Canada
 Blakeley, Maureen (alias Mau) - Canada
 Blansett, Nora - Canada
 Boisvert, Michel (alias MichL) - Baie St-Paul, Canada
 Boots, Petrus - Canada
 Bootson, Wises (alias - Canada
 Bootson, Wises (alias Bootson.COM) - Canada
 Bouchard, Stéphanie - Canada
 Boulerice, Chris (alias CB) - Canada
 Brunelle, Line - Canada
 Bussières, Jacinte - Canada
 C., V. - Canada
 Camara, Brittany - Canada
 Canuel, Sonia (alias Faith32) - Canada
 Carriere, Josée - Canada
 Carson, Charles - Montréal, Canada
 Cerejido, Miguel - Ottawa, Canada
 Cerullo, John (alias Johnc) - Canada
 Charron, Michèle (alias Mimi) - Ste-Thérèse, Canada
 Chasens, Caril (alias Carilc) - Canada
 CLARK, Jessica (alias Lauran and duston) - Canada
 Conrad, Christopher (alias Cjconrad) - Canada
 Cooper, Carol (alias Pookie) - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
 Cormier, Lise (alias Lise) - Canada
 Côté, Marianne (alias KôMa) - Canada
 Cousineau, Jean (alias Peintre_Jc) - Québec, Canada
 Cowan, SueEllen (alias SunsetSue) - Terrace, BC, Canada
 Dalrymple, Andrew (alias Aj) - Canada
 Dedoyard, Georges - Laval, Canada
 Dempsey, Lynn (alias Drakkonus) - Canada
 Dempsey, Lynn (alias Drakkonus) - Nanaimo, Canada
 Denis, Cabana - montreal, Canada
 Desbiens, Christiane - St Charles Borromée QC, Canada
 Deshaies, Crystal - Canada
 Dextraze, Gerald (alias Gdex) - Trois-Rivieres, Canada
 Dueck, Bryan - port coquitlam, Canada
 Dupuis, Jean-François (alias Jeffphoto) - Canada
 Edwards, David (alias Kalannie) - Canada
 Falet, François - Canada
 Favreau, Pierre - St-Alphonse-Rodriguez,QC, Canada
 Fleming, Ashley (alias Maple) - Canada
 Fleury, Yannick (alias Yanook) - Ottawa, Canada
 Fortin, Marc (alias Formol) - Canada
 Frechette, GInette (alias Artiste peintre) - Canada
 Fuentes, Gerard - Montréal, Canada
 Fulham, Richard - Canada
 Gagnon, Monique - Bromont, Canada
 Galbraith, Jeff - Saint John, Canada
 Gariepy, Dianne - Canada
 Germain, Denis - Canada
 Gielfeldt, James - Canada
 Girard, Nicole - sept-iles, Canada
 Gorenstein, Marcus - Canada
 Gravel, Marie (alias Marie gravel) - Canada
 Grenier, Liliane - Rosemere,Qc, Canada
 Gurevich, Hava (alias Hava) - Calgary, Canada
 Hagelamin, Mohamed (alias Mo) - Canada
 Heroux, Pierre (alias Pikaso) - Grand Mere, Canada
 Heroux, Pierre (alias Pikaso) - Canada
 Houde, Marc - Kelowna, Canada
 Houde, Francis - Kelowna, B.C., Canada
 Houde, Claude C. (alias Don Maestro) - Montréal, Canada
 Jeans, Cichlid - Canada
 Josey, Judy - Halifax,Nova Scotia, Canada
 Judy, Jessica (alias Zincnori) - Canada
 Juteau, Pierre - Canada
 Jutras, Raphaël - Canada
 Kalmetti, Georges (alias Kalmetti) - MONT-ROYAL, Canada
 Klement, Monica - Canada
 Kobylnyk, Kelly b (alias Burnadette) - Canada
 Kovac, Monica - Canada
 Lacoste, Michel (alias Lacoste) - Canada
 LAfONTAINE, YVAN - Québec, Canada
 Langlois, Luc - Montréal, Québec, Canada
 Lanthier, Micheline - Canada
 Laurin, Richard - quebec, Canada
 Lawson, Robertjames - Canada
 Lem, Nora - Toronto, Canada
 Leppington, Ben - Vancouver, Canada
 Levitas, Olga (alias Vl472) - AJAX, Canada
 Lewarne, Eva - Canada
 Lyons, Jeff - calgary, Canada
 Marentette, Jack - Canada
 Marie-Denise, Villeneuve (alias Marie) - Canada
 Marin, Serge - drummondville, Canada
 Mark, Sharon - Canada
 Martin, Jeffrey (alias Spider) - mississauga,ontario, Canada
 McDonall, Glen (alias McDonall) - Edmonton, Canada
 Micheline, Ménager - Canada
 Milks, Mandy (alias Mandy) - Canada
 Mireault, Jean-Louis - Canada
 Miron, Normand - L'ÉPIPHANIE, QC, Canada
 Missakian, Berge (alias Nonstop Missakian) - Montreal, Canada
 Moffat, Charles (alias Amos Jo) - Toronto, Canada
 Moisan, Danielle - Canada
 Molyneux, Cary - Canada
 Moore, Rhandon - Canada
 Nielsen, Tannis (alias Tannis) - Canada
 O'Hoski, Chris (alias Chris O'Hoski) - Stoney Creek, Canada
 Paquette, Normand (alias Norpaq) - laval, Canada
 Paquette, Claude - Canada
 Paquette, Karen - Canada
 Pearson, Keven - Canada
 Peckham, Elysia - Canada
 Pelletier, André - Canada
 Perkins, Lissa (alias Shmooglepuss) - Montreal, Canada
 Pierre, Guy (alias Sculpteur/sculptor) - Laval, Québec, Canada
 Pipunic, Marinko - Canada
 Presenza, Giovanni (alias D!rt) - Canada
 Press, Syd (alias Syd.) - Canada
 Press, Syd (alias Syd) - Canada
 Pynn, Scott - Canada
 Quinn, John (alias Vaseguy) - Canada
 Rivard, Léon (alias Léon) - Ste-Mélanie, Canada
 Rochon, Éric - Canada
 Rouillard, Jacques - Canada
 Russell, Aaron (alias Aaronr) - Canada
 Saci, M'hamed (alias Hamidou) - Canada
 Santerre, Jonathan - Montreal, Canada
 Shapiro, Martina - Vancouver, Canada
 Simard-Dupuis, Marcelle (alias Marcelle Simard-Dupuis) - Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Québec, Canada
 Singer, Christian Bernard - Canada
 St-Cyr, Claude - Canada
 St-Pierre, Denis - Longue-Rive, P.Q, Canada
 St-Pierre, Frédéric (alias Fred) - Canada
 Tabachnik, Edward (alias Edward Tabachnik Artist) - Canada
 Therrien, Rock - Canada
 Thomson, Ansgard - Edmonton, Canada
 Tobin, Chris - Canada
 Trudel, Gérald - Laval, Canada
 Tunstall, Antony (alias FREED0M) - edmonton, Canada
 Tupper, Virginia (alias Vltz) - Canada
 Ugolini, Vittorio (alias Art Gourmand) - Canada
 Vadera, Jaret - Canada
 Van Dyke, Victoria - Canada
 Vander Kooi, Buck - Canada
 Vermeulen, Michel (alias Vermeulen) - Montréal, Canada
 Vicina, Info (alias Vwu729) - Canada
 Vin, Dan - P.Q., Canada
 Vincent Negrin, Carole Fontaine (alias Fontaine Negrin) - Saint-François, Ile d'Orleans,Québec., Canada
 Vutselo, Angelica - Edmonton, Canada
 Wilneff, Charlene - Canada
 Wright, Monte (alias Futurist) - Kitchener, Canada
 Yuen, Jennie - Canada

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