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Keywords: Switzerland - Target: Artists
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 Anne, Junod - Switzerland
 Arpino, Michele - Grandson, Switzerland
 Arpino, Michele - Grandson, Switzerland
 Belembert, Marie - BULLE, Switzerland
 Benoit, Liliane - Switzerland
 Bouleau, Marie-Christiane (alias MCNB) - Switzerland
 Bourqui, Florian (alias Fb-unit) - Switzerland
 Croci, Diana - Iseo, Switzerland
 Darmon, David - Switzerland
 Dias, Jorge - Switzerland
 Dieter Specht, Picchio - Arcegno, Switzerland
 Duvoisin, Jacques (alias Pendulantic) - Saint-Blaise, Switzerland
 Emonet, Patricia (alias Prisca) - Switzerland
 ENDRES, Nancy D. - Switzerland
 Fabio, Marzo (alias Walk) - Switzerland
 FAVRE, Michel - Switzerland
 FAVRE, Michel (alias FAVRE/Fribourg) - Fribourg, Switzerland
 Favre, Jacqueline (alias Jack) - Grand Lançy Genève, Switzerland
 Ferrer, Myriam - Switzerland
 Fiumi-Loosli, Annunziata - Steffisburg, Switzerland
 Germanier-Vuignier, Karin - Switzerland
 Grommet-Bangwa, Marianne - Switzerland
 Jegen, Els - Bern, Switzerland
 KORMAN, DMITRY - Lausanne, Switzerland
 Lazar, J. (alias Ibios) - geneve, Switzerland
 Mario, Cardinale - Thonex ( Genéve), Switzerland
 Martinet, Raba (alias Pingui&Stingui-ImproArts-) - Switzerland
 Meier, Ivo - Lucerne, Switzerland
 Mermod, Philippe - Ittigen, Switzerland
 Morel, Pascal (alias Contact: art-morel(a) - Switzerland
 Muff, HansPeter - Switzerland
 Neier, Jean-Luc (alias Johnluca) - Switzerland
 Nicolasflamel, Alexandre - Switzerland
 Nicolasflamel, Alexandre - Switzerland
 Oberti, Roberto (alias Roby) - Giubiasco, Switzerland
 Paolucci, Véronique (alias Melofee) - Switzerland
 Real, Henri (alias Ficelle) - Switzerland
 Reinhold, Ganz (alias Reynold) - Arbon, Switzerland
 Seibt, C.P. - Switzerland
 Steinlechner, Peter - Rheieck, Switzerland
 Streuli, Yves - Montricher, Switzerland
 Sørensen, Jesper - Switzerland
 Tornatore, Tiziano - Switzerland
 Ubben, David - Switzerland
 Unverricht, Pascal (alias Pipin) - Switzerland
 Vouga, Shelley (alias Shelley) - CORTAILLOD, Switzerland

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