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Keywords: Spain - Target: Artists
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 Alonso, Isabel (alias Isabel Alonso Vazquez) - Vigo, Spain
 Antolí, Ángeles (alias Marnez) - Spain
 Arjonilla, Jose (alias Jose Arjonilla) - Spain
 Bamba, Pilar - Barcelona, Spain
 Blanco, Emilio (alias CAMPO-DIAZ) - Spain
 CABAYOL, Josep-Maria (alias CABAYOL) - Spain
 Cabello, José Javier - Spain
 Cabello, Salvador - málaga, Spain
 Campiña, ángel (alias Campinya) - Spain
 Carralero, Santiago (alias Carralero) - Spain
 CASTANO, TOMAS - Santander, Spain
 Castellano de Torres, Ramon - Morón de la Frontera . Sevilla, Spain
 CHIKA, PACO (alias PACO CHIKA) - Nazaret / Lanzarote, Spain
 Cortés Zarrías, Gaspar - Spain
 De Luis, Rubén - Spain
 Francisco José, Cerdá Ortiz - Petrer, Spain
 GALIZA, XAVIER - Ourense, Spain
 Goette, Hannah - Spain
 Gomez Viñaras, Fernando - Spain
 Gonzalez, J. Enrique (alias Judrillo) - Spain
 González Diez, Francisco (alias Gonzho) - Spain
 Jimenez, Miguel (alias &"34;Zenón&"34;) - Sevilla, Spain
 Lisboa, Davis (alias Davis) - Barcelona, Spain
 Manchon, Antonio - Spain
 Martinez, Raquel (alias Olaz) - Alfaro (La Rioja), Spain
 Matich, Zvonimir - Barcelona, Spain
 Meta, Agim (alias Gimi) - Palm of Majorca, Spain
 Miguel, Morey - Spain
 Orte, Gemma (alias Gemmaorte) - Spain
 Pomar, Jony (alias Moskito Tattoos) - barcelona, Spain
 Quintana, Juan Luis (alias Quintana) - Spain
 Quintana Martelo, Manuel - sANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, Spain
 Sanjuan, Chelin - Spain
 SANZ PACHECO, Jose Maria - Spain
 Simón Pizarro, Jesús (alias Simón Pizarro) - Málaga, Spain
 Surià, Scheherezade (alias Sherrysur) - Spain
 Ulibin, Guennadi - Spain
 Valeiras, Fernando (alias Dom) - Vigo, Spain
 Walford, Jennifer (alias JMWalford) - Spain
 Wedel, Maria - Spain

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