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Keywords: Ukraine - Target: Artists
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 Alexander, Stepanets - Ukraine
 Elenka, Smyrnova (alias Leshkas) - dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
 Gans, Ura (alias Uragans) - Kiev, Ukraine
 Gubareva, Marina (alias MAG) - Ukraine
 Ivanov, Aleksandr - Ukraine
 Kimel, Serge - Ukraine
 Kolyada, Serhiy - Ukraine
 Kugai, Tania - Ukraine
 Lukshina, Galina - Ukraine
 Ly, Dmitri (alias Dymil) - Ukraine
 Maximov, Ilya - Sevastopol, Ukraine
 Maximova, Ilya - Ukraine
 Radionov, Alexandr - Ukraine
 Radionova, Olga - Ukraine
 Shumeliov, Raymond - Yalta, Ukraine
 Victoria, Plotnikova - Ukraine

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