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Keywords: Poland - Target: Artists
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 żubrys piotr, Obrazy, rzeźby, stare meble (alias Best-art) - gdańsk, Poland
 Anioly, Dwa (alias Dwa Anioly) - Poland
 Art, Korfano - Poland
 Berg, Edmund (alias Marta & Edmund - artcollections) - Poland
 Blazejczyk, Maciej (alias Monastyr) - Poland
 Buczacki, Nina (alias NINA) - Poland
 Buczacki, Natalia (alias NATALIA) - Jeszkowice/Wroclaw, Poland
 Cieslak, Voytek - Poland
 Dobke, Radek - Poland
 Dori, Edo - Poland
 Gallery, ArtWebKing - Poland
 Górkiewicz, Daria - Poland
 Grazyna, Lewandowska - Poland
 Gurne, Aleksandra (alias M-mosaicstudio) - Warsaw0048, Poland
 Jaskiewicz, Sara (alias 44) - Poland
 Jurkowski, Bartek - Poland
 Kay, Rikku - Poland
 Michalik, Adam - Poland
 Podlasinski, Jacek (alias PODL) - Poland
 Romek, EMoon - Poland
 Ryczko, Boguslaw (alias I N T E R F O R M A) - Poland
 SlawusPolonus, Macko (alias Slawuspolonus) - Poland
 Sledz, Mirek (alias Kwadratek) - Gdynia, Poland
 Szmidko, Marek (alias Szmidko) - Poland
 Szpuniar, Lucyna (alias Lunasz) - Poland
 Trzebiatowska, Magdalena - Poland
 Wasikiewicz, Anna - Poland
 Witek, Przemysław (alias ART DECORUM) - Poland
 Wojtkowski, Mieczyslaw (alias Mieto) - Olsztyn, Poland

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