Sergej Jakovlev

I was born in Ukraine in 1958. I stopped my studies at the technical university in 1980, when I have decided to devote myself to art. My teacher Vitaly Stasevich, on the speciality of Fine Arts at the pedagogical university (1981-1986), helped me to understand that this devotion could be a meaning of life. The life of my teacher and friend Victor Reihet, professor of St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1987-1993), is a realization of this meaning. Since 1995 I am a member of Professional Creative Artist's Union of International Federation of Artists UNESCO. Now I am a painter in Sweden. Since 1989 my art is called Postsymbolism Art. This art has absorbed the aesthetic of Symbolism - one of the directions of Art, which is truly close to me. The works are related to cosmic harmony - that is an essential moment of my art. Herein I represent the aesthetic vision of the modern and real world into the Symbolism.

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