Paul McCloskey

Artist : Paul McCloskey
Paul believes the artist should stimulate and challenge the viewer to look and look again and to gain a sense of feeling or reality when viewing art. It seems pointless to him to have a language visual or otherwise in which nobody can understand or which is so personal to the artist that it is beyond another interpretation. He feels Painting as a visual medium should be visual and not require catalogues of text in order to be appreciated. The majority of people are relatively visually literate and if they trust their own instincts about what they are viewing they will find themselves quite capable of judging painting. He feels that an artist must remain true to him/herself and not just follow the fleeting fashions in the visual arts in order to be in vogue, as this further isolates the viewer, which encourages pretentiousness, which is often associated with the arts. He welcomes the challenge of all subject matter that takes his interest, from portraits to landscape.
Recently Paul has had considerable success with his portraits. His portraits are renowned for they're striking likeness but with a distinctiveness and depth of their own, attempting to look beyond the superficial into the heart of the subject.

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