Gregor Ziolkowski

Professor of Arts and Member of Accademia Internazionale "Greci-Marino", Accademia Del Verbano di Lettere, Arti, Scienze (Vinzaglio / Italy).

Born on 1950 in Wroclaw / Poland. Attended High School for Fine Art (1964-1969) and studied at the Academy of Arts in Wroclaw (1969-1972). During the study he takes part in a painting competition written out in Silesia and receives honor for oil picture "Operation". In this time mainly water color and oil paintings develop - landscapes and still lifes. Over-realistic motives occur particularly in graphics and drawings, where he gives full scope to his fancy.
Since 1984 domiciled in Ratingen / Germany.By and by the realistic-impressionistic painting turns into surrealistic, whereas a couple of oil pastels come into existence beside the oil paintings, accompanied by deeper themes and ideas.
The majority of the pictures are surrealistic which , besides their romantic character, also deal with actual problems. Impressed by intense non trite colours and mystical light, they point on different topics in self specific way and leave enough space for the spectator for individual and subjective interpretations. Hereby he gets the possibilty to project own meanings to the pictures to receive them more personally which intensifies their expressiveness.
Already the first exhibitions in Germany have been well received encountered good resonance. During an exhibition in the "Angerhaus" Gallery in Ratingen / Germany in April 2004 an oil-painting (title: "My Foreign City") was been purchased by the Ratingen citycouncil. In June 2004 Gregor Ziolkowski donated an oil-pastel (title: "Pet of the Family") for a charity performance called "Artists against child molestation". Some of his works are privately owned in the USA, Sweden, France, Germany and Poland

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