Miguel Cerejido

Collection of original works inspired by music and the images music generates in his personal sensibility.

Miguel Cerejido is a Canada-based cuban artist, born in Havana on February the 26th of 1960.
Graduated of drawing and painting from the academy of Plastic Arts &"34;San Alejandro&"34; in 1980, and having taken a degree of plastic arts licentiate at the Superior Institute of Art (I.S.A.) in 1985; He worked as a professor at the Superior Institute of Industrial Design, among other art schools in Cuba. He also worked as a specialist at the Centro de &"34;Diseño Ambiental&"34; (Interior Design) in Havana.
He is an active member of the National Union of writers and artists of Cuba (UNEAC) since 1995

His explorations in painting have always been dealing with the possible nexuses between music and painting as well as, in a very particular way, &"34;Images&"34; that this other artistic discipline produces in his subjectivity.
This theme has been always present in his artistic endeavours from 1983 -while still a student at ISA-, encompassing all his carrier and evolving in many different forms, according to levels of perception in the artist’s sensibility and to what is he focusing in his approach to the musical phenomenon.

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